Toby Hollander, Esq.
Guardian ad Litem, Parenting Coordinator
112 Ludlow Street, Portland, ME 04103
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Toby Hollander has the child's best interest in mind. He is non-judgmental, open minded and efficient. His fact-finding capabilities enable him to assess the situation and come to a fair and honest conclusion during an emotional and difficult time for all parties involved. --BEW, father

As a family therapist, working with Toby has been an exciting adventure. Combining our areas of expertise in difficult post-divorce family court issues, we have evolved a way of working that has given us traction in bringing about resolution in the family. Toby has a thorough grasp of family dynamics and goes into the situations with which he works in great depth to try to bring about the best resolution for the child and all involved. --Phoebe Prosky, LCSW

In the midst of a very difficult and traumatic divorce, Toby's calm demeanor and practical insight, gained from years of experience greatly helped us all. His ability to remain objective and avoid the appearance of favoritism earned him the trust of my children. He genuinely cared about their well being, and the legal recommendations he crafted have served us well for over 7 years now. --TW, father

Even when it wasn't what I wanted to hear, I wanted to listen to what Toby had to say because without doubt he always put my child's best interest first. By watching him do that, I learned how to do that better myself. My child has a better parent as a result of Toby Hollander. His dedication and careful listening was a gift to our entire family. The custody suit was a difficult experience. At times it felt overwhelming and intolerable. Yet Toby's presence and way of being engendered trust in the process such that I found patience and strength to go the distance. In retrospect once in a while I will hear my child speak fondly of Toby. What a gift - that a potentially painful experience could linger in that light. --DD, mother

I know that your job is not the easiest and probably at times what you say doesn't make you the most popular person. But, I believe in what you do and I see that you make a difference in the lives of children.. Thank you for all the kind words about the kids and thank you for being so nice to them. --SB, mother