Toby Hollander, Esq.
Guardian ad Litem, Parenting Coordinator
112 Ludlow Street, Portland, ME 04103
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        • Kids First Center
          The Kids First Centerís mission is to minimize the emotional and sometimes physical trauma children experience during the separation and divorce of their parents. Kids First provides workshops for parents and professionals.
  • Maine GAL Statute
    This statute provides for the appointment of a Guardian ad Litem in Title 19-A family law cases (as opposed to Title 22, neglect and abuse cases)
        • Our Family Wizard
          This is a program that allows separated families to communicate about their children and keep a permanent record of their communications. It contains a calendar with which to keep track of visitation schedules, childrenís other events, such as sports and school events, doctorís appointments, overnights, etc. It also allows parents to keep a list of important contacts like babysitters, doctors, coaches, etc. It also keeps a record of electronic communications between the parents as well as keeping a record of when parents check their messages and the calendar. Third parties, such as guardians, attorneys, parenting coordinators can also have access to the familyís file for monitoring of communication, with the consent of the parents. The cost is $99 per parent per year. Scholarships are available for parents without the resources to pay.
        • Youth Alternatives Ingraham
          A community based private organization that provides resources for families, including private mediation of disputes within the family (including adolescent-parent conflict)
        • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
          A national interdisciplinary organization of lawyers, psychologists, judges, GALs, parenting coordinators and mental health professionals, who use cutting edge research to support families and courts in making child-centered decisions. They have helpful pamphlets for children and adults going through divorce, as well as guides for the development of parenting plans. Member since 2006.
        • Kids Legal
          This is a project of Pine Tree Legal Assistance, which is dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights of children in Maine.
        • Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project
          This office is dedicated to protecting the rights of immigrants in Maine. They help immigrants navigate the confusing and technical world of the Court system.
        • Maine Department of Health and Human Services
          This state agency addresses abuse and neglect of children in Maine, and provides services and aid to families throughout the state.If you have a reasonable belief that a child is either being neglected or abused, you may call the statewide child abuse toll-free telephone number staffed by DHHS at 1-800-452-1999