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Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is a latin phrase meaning guardian at law and refers to the protective role of someone appointed by a Judge to look out for the best interests of a minor child who may be affected by a case pending in Court.

The Parenting Coordinator (PC) is appointed by the Court at the time of a final order to try to reduce the need for parents to return to Court. The PC takes an existing parenting plan as expressed by a Court order and interprets and makes minor adjustments as necessitated by changed circumstances. The PC may also enforce the parenting plan by requiring parents to abide by it.

I handle a wide variety of cases as a Guardian ad Litem and Parenting Coordinator, including divorce, post divorce, relocation, military families, parental rights and responsibilities, Probate (child guardianship), child protective (Title 22-DHHS), de facto, gay & lesbian parents, and grandparent visitation. I have worked with many families whose experiences include high conflict, addiction, mental health challenges, domestic violence, parental alienation, and children with special needs.

I practice in Cumberland, York, and Androscoggin Counties, however travel to other Counties and States upon request.

This web site is designed to acquaint you with the role of the Guardian ad Litem and Parenting Coordinator in Maine Courts, provide you with relevant links to information, statutes and rules concerning GALs and PCs, and to introduce you to my office which limits our practice to that of being a Guardian ad Litem and Parenting Coordinator.